Kenya has taken the lead in meeting the current technological standards. Global dynamism has entirely called for a change in conducting business, meeting health care standards, agricultural developments, and attaining educational objectives. The development of online apps has necessitated the growth of the economy.

In this write-up, you will identify the top 10 Kenyan apps.

10. MySafaricom App

MySafaricom app provides a convenient way whereby you can easily access Safaricom products and services. With the app, you can comfortably send money via M-Pesa, as it has a Hakikisha service that provides an easy way to select your contact list. The app also enables you to share M-Pesa transactions once done. You have to download the app, enter your Safaricom mobile number, enter your email and then generate a pin.  

The application enables you to top up your Safaricom line. With the app, you can request an M-Pesa statement, purchase data, and SMS bundles. The app also enables you to communicate with customer care representatives through Facebook or live chat. MySafaricom app also allows you to have complete access to M-Pesa services and manage your SMS services. For postpay customers, you can have easy access to your monthly bill through MySafaricom app.

9. Jiji Kenya App

Jiji is the best marketplace where you can comfortably sell anything. The free online app has advanced security features that guarantee your transactions’ safety. The app provides you with ample benefits, including increased customer loyalty, high engagement, and business growth. You will have to download the app on the google play store, signup, and create an account.

Jiji interface provides an easy way to do your shopping. The first step is to search for the product using a search panel containing filters, which enable you to locate what you want. Secondly, contact the seller, either through chat or placing an actual call. You will set up a face-to-face meeting and discuss specific details on the price and product features through the conversation. Once done, you will now leave our feedback on the platform concerning how the seller served you.

8. MedAfrica.

MedAfrica is a Kenyan app developed by Kenyan developers Mbugua, Njihia, and Steve Mutinda under Shimba Technologies based in Nairobi. The app was established to cater to healthcare services. It has a comprehensive library where you can access certified information on medical practitioners, locate health units, and monitor medical conditions’ symptoms.  

MedAfrica has improved accessibility through Nokia phones, Java, and Android. The app is accessible on the google play store. You will download it, search for a medical-related facility, filter, and observe any health information and services next to you. The services available are comprehensive as they have prescribed the kind of drug to administer against the specific symptom.

7. M-Pesa

M-Pesa is a Kenyan based mobile transfer app, launched in 2007 to enable Kenyans to conduct efficient money transactions. The app acts as a virtual banking system allowing monetary transactions through a Simcard. Upon inserting a Safaricom Simcard into the mobile device, you can comfortably send and receive money. Also, through the hakikisha service integrated on the M-Pesa menu, you are guaranteed to confirm the intended recipient before completing a transaction.

Mpesa allows you to check your cash balance free of charge. The process is easy as you have to select “check balance” on your Safaricom tool kit on the menu. Secondly, enter your secret pin, and then wait for a confirmation message indicating your balance. To deposit cash using the M-Pesa app, you require an original ID and your phone, then inform the agent how much you wish to deposit. The other way to top-up your M-Pesa account is through your bank account, whereby various banks have different USSD codes enabling you to access your funds.

6. Standard Digital News App

The standard media group has an online app to access the latest news from local and global happenings. The app provides softcopy versions of the standard daily newspaper, pull-out magazines, and the weekly Nairobian newspaper.

Once you download the application on your phone, it has an intuitive interface whereby you get updates on top stories. Once stories are downloaded, they get stored on your device; hence you can continue watching them even once you’re offline. The app enables you to have efficient data usage when you are navigating.  

5. M-Farm

For Kenyan farmers, The mobile application provides you with an amicable way to connect. Through the app, you can share ideas and enhance the proper flow of goods and services. The app enables national and county agricultural bodies to serve their members as they are spread worldwide. The application also necessitates sound production and acquisition of farm products and acts as a convenient forum where you get enlightened of new agricultural procedures

Through the M-farm web application, you can get detailed information on crop prices in different markets and the underlying price fluctuations. Through the app, you can make an informed decision on the best season to plant a particular crop, the best way to price the products, and the best market to sell. 

4.KQ Mobile

Kenya Airways has designed one of the best applications that enable you to plan your flights appropriately. You can easily book your flight through the KQ mobile app, choose the preferred seat, and purchase your ticket. The app also enables you to manage your booking as you update your travel details quickly.  

To use the KQ app, visit the google play store on your mobile phone, download the app, search for KQ mobile and download it. The app has an easy interface whereby you can get your payment options, make changes to your payment options, modify flight details online, cancel and refund your ticket and call customer care to reconfirm your flight. 

3. Ma3Route

While aiming to decongest traffic in Kenyan cities, Ma3Route has launched an android mobile application that issues you with a live map and improves traffic searches while on the road. The mobile/web/SMS platform generates transport information on matatu directions and traffic as it seeks to make traveling easy.

Once you download the app, you have an easy moment to discover the various transport options and check the most optimal matatu route. As a user, you can make a smart navigation decision based on the current traffic. Ma3route enables businesses to have a convenient way to develop a marketing edge at a low cost. Consumers can use the app to connect across the country. 

2. KenyanCupid

KenyanCupid is a Kenyan based premium dating app that enables Kenyans singles to connect while looking for love and serious relationships. You can easily navigate the site and identify thousands of profiles, where you connect with friendly males and females from varying backgrounds. Through Kenyancupid, you can access an advanced search, which guarantees effectiveness in acquiring the best life partner.

To access Kenyancupid, you have to visit the google play store and download the app. Once downloaded, you have to create an account using your email and have a chance to view singles. The app has access to people looking for partners whose profiles are categorized based on age, body shape, and attractiveness. 

1.  Brightermonday App

For the unemployed Kenyans looking for a job, Brightermonday mobile app provides a pleasant experience. Founded in Kenya in 2006, the platform operates as East Africa’s number one job website as it issues you with personalized professional guidance that matches the best opportunities.

Brightermonday posts a thousand jobs as Kenyans make applications in their relevant fields. The app is fully committed to escalating the chances and growing the bridge between jobseekers and employers. You can have easy access to thousands of jobs, and the app can access the seekers’ location, experience, skills, and job role.


Due to the current growth of e-commerce, most companies have resulted in online trading. Kenya has been at the forefront in embracing technological revolution as people shift from manual-based operations to digitalized business. Kenyans have made a swift move through developing online applications that bridge different structures into one system under one umbrella.