Kenya has a variety of couples who are always the topic of the day due to their lifestyle. Particular couples reach out to many Kenyans due to their romantic appearance, level of accomplishment, and the underlying features that earn them fame.

Below are the ten most enviable couples in Kenya for 2021.

10. Dj Mo and Size 8.

Size 8, legitimately known as Linet Muraya, caught the attention of many Kenyans after getting married in September 2013 to Samuel Muraya, commonly known as Dj Mo. Size 8 is a famous Kenyan gospel artist, and Dj Mo has a prolific title that earns him quality gigs with big companies in Kenya. The two couples have made Kenyan headlines after coming up with broadcasted disagreements and re-unions.

9. Bahati and Diana.

Bahati, a famous Kenyan artist, has been in the limelight on social media with his wife, Diana Marua. Kenyans are in a dilemma based on how the two couples conduct their love affairs. Kenyans could see Diana unfollowing the singer on Instagram, as she expressed the loose ends, then, later on, post a snap while together. Their lifestyle has made them remain the talk of the day for most Kenyans.

8. Job Mwaura and Nancy Onyancha.

Job Mwaura and Nancy Onyancha also made it as among Kenya’s highly entitled celebrity couples. In March 2017, the former K24 presenters made known their engagement, and the news later followed by their colorful wedding ceremony.

7. Philip and Kate Karanja (The Karanjas).

Philip and Kate have been dating for several years before they finally got to make their wedding official. The two have shown a working relationship as Philip also became a director during Kate’s acting gigs. Kenyans could initially see them posting love texts to each other via social media as they stick to the fact that true love defines them.

6. Waihiga and Joyce Mwaura (The Mwauras).

The Mwaura’s have hit the headlines for maintaining it as among the best featured low-key power couples in Kenya. The two have recently caught the attention of many Kenyans after discovering that they were in a relationship, leading to marriage. Their quiet quality remains adorable despite having occasional Instagram snaps posts that define their true love.

5. Wahu and Nameless (The Mathenges).

Wahu Kagwi is a Kenyan songwriter, singer, entrepreneur, and actress. David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, is a Kenyan pop artist. The two met while on campus and fell in love. Their passion and commitment have earned many Kenyans’ hearts with time, thus becoming Kenya’s enviable power couples. The two have been able to maintain their affair without posing any dramatic position in public.

4. Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyata, Kenya’s current president, has shown several memorable moments as he advocates true love to Kenya’s first lady, Margaret Kenyatta. This power couple is never shy to show their true love as H.E. Uhuru explains how he met his love in high school, and through her elder brother, he expressed his move. Having got married in 1989, they have together defined unison as Margaret tirelessly supports her husband in leading the country.

3. William and Rachael Ruto (The Ruto’s).

It is impressive how Rachael Ruto has maintained a high status when defining her genuine love for William Ruto. Besides politics, the two have expressed a working marriage as Rachael has been determined as a wife and a mother to maintain her husband’s image. Rachael has held that marriage always works when both couples strive together as a team to establish their marriage.

2. Peter Kabi and Milly Wambui (WaJesus Family).

WaJesus family is a young Kenyan couple that showcases their journey on social media based on a Christian foundation. The family has gained a significant viewership on Youtube after posting serious content on how a couple ought to live. Their relationship is a perfect match ordained in heaven that anyone could dream of based on their videos.

1. Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan have caught the attention of many based on how they conduct their lifestyle. Rashid Abdalla was initially a Tv presenter at NTV and appeared as a sharp, handsome guy who made many envious. Many people asked whether he was married, but glued an enormous number of Kenyans after joining Lulu on Citizen Tv 7 pm news broadcast. Besides maintaining professionalism at their workplace, the two cannot hide the love and emotional attachment.


The growth of healthy relationships and marriages define power couples. In Kenya, certain celebrities, politicians, and clergies have vividly shown how a power couple ought to look. The long-term attachment has caught many Kenyans attention as the families express their lifestyles.