We can all agree that it’s extremely cold right now!

Normally, the weather is a boring topic that you engage in if you don’t have anything to talk about but, right now, it’s a conversation starter. You can’t talk to someone for long without one of you mentioning how cold it is and wondering when the sun will bless you with her presence. 

That aside; 

FACT: The food you eat determines your body temperature.

Let’s put this fun fact to use by using meals to fight the cold.

Below are foods you can eat to stay warm during this cold season. 

Ginger tea

Ginger has been used by the Chinese for centuries to promote health and wellness before the whole world embraced it too. 

Ginger tea gives you warmth from the inside and that is why it’s the perfect cold season drink. 

Apart from that, it has a unique sweet aroma and taste and is also helpful in eliminating chest congestion. That is why it’s recommended for those suffering from cold and flu. 


Potatoes use a process called thermogenesis to make you feel warm. 

Thermogenesis refers to the action of your body producing heat and this happens when your system breaks down what you consume.

Potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) take longer to digest which means your body needs more energy to complete this process. When it uses this high amount of energy, a lot of heat is also produced. 

Turnips and other root vegetables also go through this process which makes them a perfect alternative for potatoes. 


There is a reason mustard oil is popular in massage parlors. It is normally applied to one’s body to warm it up before a massage. 

The great news about mustard oil is that it not only provides heat but retains it in the body. Therefore, you’ll feel warmer for longer.

Anything that contains mustard can be used to provide the internal heat. Therefore, you can consume mustard leaves (make sure they’re fresh) or mustard seeds.  


You’re probably happy to see your favorite drink endorsed for once. 

When we talk of a higher metabolic rate., we simply mean that your system burns high amounts of calories even when you’re doing nothing. This process results in a lot of heat produced by the body as it is constantly working. 

Coffee contains caffeine which is responsible for boosting your metabolism, therefore triggering this process.

Eggs and chicken

These two foods also result in a thermogenesis effect which is explained above in the case of potatoes.

This is because they are rich in calcium, iron, and protein. Your body has to work extremely hard to break down these nutrients. The more energy your body uses during the digestion process, the more heat is produced. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, the cold weather is upon us but it doesn’t mean we can’t do more to keep warm. Dressing in warm clothes is important and so is staying under the covers when we can. However, food is a powerful way of increasing our body temperature since it provides heat internally which means we can stay warmer for an extended period. So go ahead and enjoy these foods to help you stay warm and give your body the nutrients it needs.  

The most kind word you can mention during winter, Food.

Wairimu Kimani