10 Best Online Courses in Kenya

Online learning is already taking shape in Kenya, with most institutions opting to take this direction, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of the internet and other new technologies, you can take your lessons whenever and wherever you wish; you only need a computer.

Several institutions offer quality courses at certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Here are some of the best courses you can pursue online in Kenya:

10.  Business and Economics   

Kenya is a growing country with many businesses mushrooming by the day. Studying online courses in Business and Economics will help you grasp the fundamental economic principles. Learners will also be in a better position to identify market trends, especially with the current world events. The intensive knowledge one gains should guide them in making informed choices to help them attain a higher return on investment.

9.   Education    

Education courses are exciting because they explore the practice of teaching from both a practical and theoretical angle. Studying education courses online exposes an individual to so many opportunities. Apart from seeking employment as a teacher trainer, one can also run their own institution in the future. Kenya continues to express the need for more teachers as more individuals open schools and those teaching keep retiring.

8.  Public Health and Applied Human Sciences 

Public health officers play a significant role in promoting health and averting diseases. Pursuing the course online will go a long way, especially today, when most people need sensitization to follow the Ministry of Health measures on COVID-19 prevention. Also, a considerable number of Kenyans live with terminal illnesses they need to manage for survival. It makes Public Health a viable course that equips the learners to influence the lives of others positively.

7. Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology courses offered by Kenyan eLearning schools are exciting and quite lucrative. Taking an IT course online is also easy because you can access a lot of learning materials online. Besides, the world is going digital, and everyone needs basic IT knowledge. Getting extensive knowledge, whether in data programming, network management, or web programming, comes with great opportunities as Kenya and the world continue to evolve technologically.

6. Agribusiness Management and Trade

The world will always require agricultural products, which is the reason why agricultural courses will remain very lucrative. People need to learn how to sustain the land and get the most out of it. Kenya has various agricultural exports, including vegetables, cut flowers, coffee, avocadoes, and tea. Pursuing an online course in agriculture exposes an individual to the right knowledge of proper production. Value addition is another aspect that people learn, which helps them become more productive.

5. Social Work and Community Development     

Kenya has some marginalized areas with people who need help to solve their problems. As such, a course in Social Work and Community Development would go a long way in helping people cope with their problems. Such professionals also help the vulnerable communities to realize their abilities and use the available resources to improve their wellbeing.

4. Public Relations

A course in Public Relations equips the learners with the knowledge to communicate and operate ethically. Studying the course online is viable regardless of your career. Everyone should learn how to play their career roles depending on the type of clients they’re handling.

3.    Guidance and Counseling

People are struggling to make ends meet in these tough economic times. Professional counselors come in handy to help people cope with their psychological challenges. Professional counselors prevent premature deaths by upholding depressed people and guiding them through the healing process.  

2. Project Management

Project Management can lead you to an exciting career and also polish up your organizational skills. Kenya is full of opportunities, and the difference between successful people and those who are not is how they manage their projects. The course can significantly boost a career for anyone in the Kenyan corporate sector and beyond.

1. Foreign Languages

Studying foreign languages in Kenya is overly lucrative for apparent reasons. Kenya’s wildlife plays a critical role in the economy. People who learn foreign languages have the advantage of communicating effectively with foreigners who visit the country. It also puts such individuals at an advantage when they visit other countries.


Kenya is doing a lot to meet the growing demand for quality education among entrepreneurs and people with commitments preventing them from attending physical classes. Today, you can take several courses online and acquire quality knowledge and legit certificates.