Most Kenyans struggle with selecting a suitable decoder for their homes. Thankfully, the current market has several options to choose from, and most, if not all, are of excellent quality. Having a variety to choose from helps you make an informed choice based on your budget and preference. Below are the various ways you can pay for your TV subscription in Kenya.

StarTimes Decoder 

StarTimes is the best Kenyan decoder going by customer testimonials. It is a product of StarTimes Media Television Company and costs around Ksh. 1999. However, the price can vary depending on your location. It has a free-to-air plan whereby you only buy the decoder and access various channels without paying any subscription fee.

If you wish to access more channels, you can choose a subscription plan that matches your needs and budget. You’ll be required to pay your monthly subscriptions to renew your membership. Usually, the more money you pay, the more channels you can access.

StarTimes categorizes its plans based on the connection method you use: aerial or satellite dish connection. Their two primary functions are;

  • The Direct to Home Bouquet (DTH). Here, they transmit their broadcasts via satellites.
  • The Digital Terrestrial Technology Bouquet (DDT). This is where they build ground-based antennas from masts and use them for broadcasting. 

DStv Decoder 

This decoder from Multichoice is quite fantastic and among the few HD decoders in the Kenyan markets. It’s also popular in Africa, probably because it has hundreds of channels, not to mention that it allows you to watch the English Premier League. To buy the decoder, you need between Ksh. 2520 and 4,449 depending on the combo type you choose.

They have a myriad of paid packages to allow you to find a perfect choice. They categorize their channels into sports, entertainment and movies, children, documentaries, lifestyle and culture, music, news and commerce, religion, and local channels. To use a DSTV decoder, you will need a satellite dish, plus a subscription to your choice of plan. Their cheapest package costs Ksh 900, with the most expensive being Ksh. 11,100.

Sky Life Decoder

Most Sky Life decoder users are satisfied with the offer. It requires you to part with a one-time amount of Ksh 1594, and you can enjoy over the 70 channels that they offer. What’s most interesting about sky life is the feature that allows the viewer to record the content in one channel as they watch the other. As such, the users can always watch all their favorite channels. Additionally, one can listen to the radio while playing games.

GOtv Decoder 

GOtv is an equally fantastic option with various premium plans and a free-to-air option that doesn’t have many channels. It’s common in Africa, and you can use it with both a decoder and an aerial. You can access Gotv services by dialing *423# on your mobile phone.

The packages vary in prices depending on the number of channels you want to access. They are as below:

  • GOtv Lite- offers 17 channels at a monthly subscription of Ksh 260.
  • GOtv Value- 23 channels come at a monthly fee of Ksh 499.
  • GOtv Plus- you’re required to pay Ksh 749 for 40 channels.
  • GOtv Max- has over 49 channels that you access by paying a monthly fee of Ksh 1299.

Bamba Decoder 

Bamba decoder is absolutely free and provides over 60 channels. However, when you purchase your decoder, you’ll be expected to register with the company in 60 days, lest you risk losing access to the premium channels. Registration is also free and easy to do. Dial *297# and follow the simple instructions, and you’ll be good to go. Alternatively, you can send your full name, ID number, smart card number, phone number, and box serial number to to register.

Sonar Decoder 

Sonar entered the Kenyan market in 2017 and was among the earliest free-to-air decoders. Its users do not have to fret over any monthly subscriptions after buying the decoder for Ksh 1310. Sonar users can also connect their USB gadgets through the USB port, which is a plus.

Final Thoughts

Most of these companies have a website where you can view more details and seek clarification. This is particularly important when you want to buy a decoder or renew your subscription. Some information may change over time, thus the need to keep yourself updated.