A subwoofer is a crucial sound system that every music and movie lover should have. It converts sound into lower frequencies more effectively than most speakers in a home theater or audio system. Since most Kenyans are generally movie or music maniacs, subwoofers augment soundtracks because of the 3-D effect experienced due to the low frequencies.

Most Kenyans like comparing various choices to settle on one that meets their budget and needs.  Usually, how high a subwoofer goes depends on the brand. Below is a detailed list of the ten best subwoofers in the Kenyan markets today.

10. Sayona 

Sayona subwoofers have dominated the Kenyan markets for a considerable period now. They have a high performance, and most come with standard components like FM radio, Bluetooth, and high RMS. Most Kenyans with Sayona subwoofers express satisfaction, especially with quality sound output that comes at an affordable price. Their options vary in size and output channel formations.  

9. Von Hotpoint 

Hotpoint has been one of Kenya’s most reliable sound system manufacturers. Their subwoofer is superb and comes with a Bluetooth connection, remote controls, SD card and USB ports, and FM radio. Its additional functions include tweeter satellite speakers, MP3 support, WMA, and AAC audio codec/compression. Their prices range from about Ksh 3,595 to Ksh 18,799, depending on the features and efficiency.

8. Sony 

Sony is a highly reputable global manufacturer of electronics. They have been producing high-quality sound systems for the longest time. It’s an excellent brand you can choose from provided you give them the right enclosed size. They have a wide selection ranging from car, home, and commercial subwoofers. Various sizes have different features and also different prices.

7. Tagwood 

Tagwood subwoofer system is available in the Kenyan local markets and has equally great features. An ordinary subwoofer has 5500 watts FM radio, Bluetooth connection, and adjustable bass levels. You can save your favorite tracks and listen to them whenever, or connect to any radio channel in your locality. Its memory card and USB ports allow you to connect your devices to the gadget.

6. Ampex 

Anyone in Kenya looking for quality subwoofers with basic and advanced features should go for the Ampex brand. Its 8500 watts subwoofer is silent and amplifies sound considerably. It’s also convenient because it comes with remote controls that allow you to pause, play, and adjust volume from the comfort of your seat. Their products are in the Kenyan market at affordable prices, with the cheapest going at around Ksh 2,899 depending on where you shop.

5. Djack 

Djack 3030 is a popular subwoofer in the Kenyan market and has a power output of 140 watts. It also comes with six channels, FM radio, and several media outlines. Most Kenyans prefer it because of its other features like remote control, 8 ohms impedance, 60W power handling, and a >70 dB signal to noise.

4. Samsung

Samsung is a credible brand that has been around the Kenyan market for a long time now. They are known for their high-end productions, and their subwoofers are no exception. Samsung subwoofers in the Kenyan market add deeper bass to soundbars and come with a wireless connection. But, they are more expensive than most other brands.

3. Royal Sound 

Royal Sound may not be much of a household name, but it has some of the best subwoofers in the Kenyan market. They produce reliable devices with a loud audio output, quality guaranteed. Amazingly, royal sound offers some of the most competitive subwoofers available in Kenyan shops.

2. Vitron 

Vitron brand is well established, having been around for over twenty years now. Their subwoofer, Vitron V 412, is amongst the best products you can take home from the Kenyan market. It’s also very affordable, going for about Ksh 3,400 in some shops. Its inbuilt power amplifier USB slot, digital FM radio, and AUX are among the best features Kenyans enjoy.

1. Synix 

Synix 3.1 subwoofer comes with excellent, flawless performance and Bluetooth capabilities. Its unique digital signals ensure their Kenyan clients enjoy a clear sound regardless of the volume levels.

Final Thoughts

Sound systems are an integral part of most, if not all, Kenyans, whether in homes, cars, events, or entertainment joints. Kenya is full of fun, and people love entertainment, and subwoofers scale the experience to a whole new level.