Refurbished laptops are pretty popular among Kenyans, probably because Kenya is a lower-middle-income economy. Good refurbished laptops offer maximum value at a relatively low cost, thus convenience. Those searching for a school, work, or home-use laptop can find ideal laptops, ranging from powerhouses for demanding tasks to simple machines for basic use. 

Keep reading to find out good refurbished laptops you should buy in Kenya. 


Clean, refurbished HP laptops come in handy for most Kenyans because of their affordability and unsurpassed features. Kenya has many reputable laptop retailing shops, and their machines come with warranties. Depending on your needs, remember to check the processor, RAM, physical size, hard disk, among other features. Although HP-certified refurbished laptops are a good deal, you should buy from an authentic dealer.


Samsung is a remarkable brand known for producing high-quality electronics. They have various innovations, with Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro being among the best sellers in the Kenyan market. It has a stellar build quality and pretty fast hardware. Their products come with a warranty, and you’re likely to get a good deal in the Kenyan markets.


Dell has a broad catalog of refurbished laptops submitted to a rigorous refurbishing process for high-end performance. Although some may have visible cosmetic flaws, none of them can affect their performance. The various refurbished Dell laptops in the Kenyan markets are encrypted and bear advanced authentication and malware protection


Some Kenyans want to own Apple laptops to experience the authenticity of the brand. Those who cannot afford brand new Apple laptops are at the advantage of getting refurbished machines at relatively low prices. The company assures its customers that it tests its products rigorously before rolling them out for sale. Apple refurbished laptops come in good working condition and free from cosmetic flaws.


Lenovo has many refurbished laptops in the Kenyan market, all tested and certified by world-class refurbishers. Most Kenyans are students, business people, or tech-savvy professionals. Refurbished Lenovo laptops are ideal for accessing the internet, and they allow the users to multitask conveniently. 


Asus has a proven record track on variety when it comes to refurbished laptops. The laptops are readily available in the Kenyan markets at affordable prices, depending on the features and functionality. Asus assures its clients that its refurbished laptops are free from design defects. When you buy an Asus refurbished laptop from the Kenyan dealers, you’ll likely get a warranty of not less than three months, which is enough to detect any malfunctions.


Refurbished Acer laptops are good because they offer the same benefits as their brand new counterparts. The company says that they inspect their laptops thoroughly according to Acer-Recertified’s highest standards. They also sanitize, clean, and restore the factory settings for all the refurbished laptops. You’re unlikely to find any broken parts because they replace them with new parts.


Fujitsu has an amazing selection of refurbished laptops. Their broad selection covers both high-end and budget laptops, thus benefiting all the categories of people in Kenya. Kenyans looking for pricey, refurbished machines will find Fujitsu as their perfect fit. Also, people looking for relatively cheap machines can find some from as low as Ksh. 15,000, and it could go below that depending on where one buys.

Toshiba is a common name among most Kenyan laptop users. It has an amazing selection of refurbished laptops that you can easily find in Kenya. It’s also quite beneficial for most Kenyans, whether working or studying. Since most Kenyan students and employees cannot afford those brand-new high-end models, the refurbished options come in handy.  


Alienware is a powerful gaming laptop serving Kenyan gamers perfectly well. Being a high-end machine, most Kenyans in the gaming business may not afford the brand-new models because they are expensive. The refurbished options are relatively cheap and worthwhile because they perform just like the new ones. The common brand has a narrow-border display and outstanding display options.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a budget and shopping for a laptop in Kenya, the refurbished deals will go a long way without compromising quality and performance. But, when buying refurbished laptops from Kenyan stores, remember to get a written warranty and receipts. They will help be helpful in case you encounter issues within the warranty period.