Laptops have become very popular in most Kenyan households nowadays. This is probably because of their portability and ability to perform like a desktop. A laptop comes in handy, especially for learners, online workers, and those in the corporate world. Depending on the purpose, some Kenyans prefer high-end laptops, while others opt to buy low-budget options.

This piece presents the best ten new laptops to buy in Kenya.

10. Dell 

Like most other brands, Dell has a vast selection of laptops, from budget-friendly to powerful high-end gaming machines. The brand has a competitive advantage because of its affordability and quality. For Kenyan learners at the elementary level, dell laptops would be a perfect fit, while those in advanced IT levels can go for higher-configuration Dell machines. The differences in prices vary with the technology and features of each laptop. Also, some are thin, while others are relatively large and heavy.

9. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP laptops have been Kenyans’ worthwhile investment for the longest time. HP is a USA-based firm founded in 1939, and it offers an extensive range of laptops. HP has maintained a high reputation among its users, making the laptops readily available in nearly all the laptop stores in Kenya. Since most Kenyans are in business, they may consider the best EliteBook business laptops.

8. Lenovo 

Lenovo has been producing high-quality laptops that rank near the top on the list of the best laptops  in Kenya. Lenovo business laptops are widespread in offices. For maximal productivity in an office setting, the brand recommends buying the most suitable ThinkPad accessories. You can get a thin and light Chromebook or a gaming machine, depending on the intended purpose.

7. Asus 

Asus has grown quite significantly, producing some top picks that fit most Kenyans needs and budget. Although they have been known for producing the best computers and PC components in the past, the Kenyan market features really brilliant laptops that look as good as they perform. Most, if not all, Kenyans love beautiful, high-value laptops and Asus offers just that.

6. Acer 

Acer produces affordable laptops with good specifications. It comes as a perfect fit for most Kenyans willing to own a laptop to run a startup or perform basic tasks like accessing emails, typing, research, and printing. Acer models come with high-quality batteries that can serve for over 10 hours after a full charge. Its battery capabilities and full-function USB ensure fast data transfer. These are some of the features that go very well with Kenyan students who may not always access sockets, especially in lecture halls.

5. Apple 

Apple laptops are among the ideal choices for elite Kenyans. Apple is a luxurious brand highly recommended for those in need of MacOS laptops for everyday use. Its keyboard is also very comfy, with well-sized keys and a deck that’s pretty comfortable for your wrists. Its battery serves for over 10 hours, making it convenient for use when you have an urgent project in the midst of prolonged power outage. The great notebook helps you perform tasks on the go.

4. MSI 

Gaming enthusiasts are quite many in Kenya, and MSI serves their needs effectively. MSI is a renowned global eSports brand with the best high-end laptops. Their quality is unmatched, and Kenyans in the gaming business can use such laptops to ensure their clients enjoy the best experience. MSI is incomparable to no other when it comes to performance, although it is a bit pricey.

3. Samsung 

Samsung is a huge electronics brand with a high global reputation. Their laptops have classic designs and great specifications. For most Kenyans, their ultra-thin machines are the best because they are of high quality and classy. Their customer service is also excellent. You can easily reach their tech support through emails or support contacts if you encounter a problem.

2. Razer 

Kenya has a significant number of graphic designers, and Razer serves them quite well. Razer laptops have excellent gaming and graphics performance. They have a one-year warranty on all their new laptops, which covers all their manufacturing faults.

1. Toshiba 

Toshiba laptops have a reputation for excellent battery life. It is well-balanced, reasonably priced, and readily available, thus becoming an ideal choice for Kenyans. But, Toshiba sold its PC component to Sharp, which phased out the name and now operates as Dynabook moniker.  

Final Thoughts

Laptops bring a lot of convenience for most Kenyans studying online, researching to complete coursework and those in business. The above ten best new laptops in Kenya are a good fit for any Kenyan looking for a good deal.