Movies are among the few things that helped people get through lockdowns over the past year. This year we are bound to see several blockbusters that were delayed from last year. Below we look at 10 of the best movies to watch this year.

Acasa, My Home

Acasa is an incredible documentary based out of Romania. Radu Ciorniciuc uses the documentary to dig into the three years life of a poor family from Roma living at the edges of Bucharest. The Chronicles features Gica Enache and Nikulina, his wife, and their nine children, not forgetting the assorted animals living in a makeshift off-the-grid home in a large wildlife preserve located in the middle of the city.

The expansive preserve that was meant to be a reservoir is now a thriving, marshy ecosystem and Gica and his clan are the unofficial stewards. The chronicles follow the family up to their existential tailspin when the modern world demands interrupt their existence.

Army of the Dead

Director Zack Synder returns to the zombie genre with the Army of the Dead. The movie’s setting is in Las Vegas, and it has a clever construction that brings new mythology for the walking dead.Ā  It has a seamless cast and is worth a big-budget bag of popcorn.

I Care a Lot

J Blakeson takes a cynical look at caretakers appointed by the government and exploiting the wards. Rosamund Pike sports great blond hair and holds the role’s signature vape pen in an excellent post role.Ā  I Care a Lot brings about a welcome surprise and great entertainment based on real-life crime.

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

The comedy features Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, who star as two best friends, Barb and Star. They leave their small town, Nebraska, for a vacation in Vista Del Mar( a fictional Floridian paradise). What they didn’t expect is the pale villain targeting the location because of a personal grievance. The film has several musical numbers and an infectious goofy spirit. It’s a great movie that has good vibes to sweep you away.

Judas and the Black Messiah

The historical drama is quite propulsive and has a great Oscar buzz regarding the death of Fred Hampton, chairman of Black Panther. The tone is both a radical and tense shift between Hampton and the FBI Informant, a car thief. The informant is offered lenience if he provides information on Hampton.


Minari involves a grandma who comes with seeds from Korea to grow a Minari plant. The plant is delicious, and it spreads quickly in marshy spaces. The gorgeous film focuses on where people and plants and people can grow and thrive. The Korean family relocates from California to Arkansas as the father seeks to fulfill his dream of becoming a farmer. The wife Monica is distressed in the new environment, and as a result, they invite their grandmother to come to live with them. Lee Isaac Chung documents the journey through David, a seven-year-old boy who loves the place just like his father.

Saint Maud

The film directed by Rose Glass documents the life of a young woman Maud who is haunted by a horrifying accident in her past. Maud works as a care nurse for the infirm and the elderly, and she converts to Roman Catholic and believes that God speaks to her when she has done something good.

Her newest patient, Amanda, suffers from stage four lymphoma. And she is a former dancer. According to Maud, Amanda is more concerned about looking beautiful for her fancy evening out than working to save her soul while still having a chance.

Her visions make her believe that her life’s mission is to save the souk of Amanda. The film is a funny, distressing and spooky directory that will please and terrify at the same time.

The World to Come

Abigail, played by Katherine Waterston’s calm and quiet narration, will carry through the romance between two women in New York in the 19th century. Abigail has accepted to live a life of discontentment with Dyer, her husband until their new neighbors Finney and Tallie arrive. Abigail and Tallie become friends quickly, and soon after, it turns into a physical expression of love. The movie captures how the threat of isolation is always close by for these women.

Space Sweepers

Space Sweeper portrays the fictional futuristic multilingual, multicultural human life that’s thriving in space. Tae-ho the pilot, captain Jang, engineer Tiger Park, and Bulb, a loud-mouthed robot, are a part of an outer space bounty hunting guild, the Space Sweepers, who collect spare junk and resell the parts.

The crew finds a little girl hiding who is a nanobot android. The team plans to sell the girl to a group of terrorists until they realize that she is worth more than she seems.

Riders of Justice

Atheist soldier Markus loses his wife in a train accident, and a statistical analyst, Otto, informs him that the crash was not an accident. Otto believes that he can use math to predict the future, and he believes that the accident was a hit by a gang called Riders of justice. The story shows a violent saga in which Marcus, Otto, Lennart, and Emmenthaler plan to kill the Riders.


As we turn a corner on the COVID- 19 pandemic theatres and art houses will be opening their doors. This is excellent news for movie lovers who can enjoy these ten best movies on giant screens. Most of these movies are also available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu).