Getting your food delivered to your doorstep has never been easier. Now more than ever, you do not have to worry about getting to your best restaurant for your next meal, especially with the social distancing and other coronavirus-related health protocols in place. You can easily order your food from any restaurant of your choice and have it delivered wherever you are. As the industry continues to grow, here are the ten best places to order home-delivered food.

Jumia Food

Formerly known as Hello Nairobi, the online platform hails from Berlin, and it allows you to place your favorite orders from your best restaurant and have them delivered within minutes. The fast-growing venture is currently the leading food delivery service company in Kenya. It has more than 180 restaurants and eateries in its partner listing in Nairobi and Mombasa. Jumia allows you to order Kenyan indie cuisine, fast food, and international cuisine.

Yum Delivery

Yum is a premium online delivery service provider in Nairobi that allows you to order food from your best restaurant. Yum was launched in 2012 to make food delivery easy and simple. Since then, the company has built a reputation for the fast delivery of fresh and healthy foods. Its delivery list consists of more than 250 big restaurant names across the city. They also offer their clients a loyalty program.

Chnadarana Food Plus

If you are looking to order finger-licking and fresh food, sushi, a variety of drinks, pastry, and much more, these are the people to look for. They offer several special offers such as buy one and get one free. Chandarana Food Plus has various products, including fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, and a comprehensive offering in its pastry basket. You can also get high-quality meat products, dairy products, drinks, and pet food.


Pizza is a tasty meal for almost everyone. If you love your pizza, you do not have to worry about going out to various eateries. All you need to do is check on Domino pizza delivery in Nairobi, and they will deliver it to you. Domino has several types of Pizzas from all corners around the world. You can order your favorite Big Flavor Dipper Pizza, Meat Lovers Pizza, The Barbeque Pizza, and many other options. They also have a variety of delicious delicacies for accompaniments.

Galitos Food Delivery

Galitos offers a wide variety of foodstuffs available for order. The company provides timely, professional, and perfect delivery services. Their website is simple to use, and you will enjoy the most incredible customer care services.

The Good Food Company

It’s a popular 24-hour food delivery service provider that offers you high-quality and healthy food to your doorstep. They are committed to fast and diligent delivery of fresh food. They are perfect for delivering food for parties and functions. The Good Food Company has healthy food solutions ranging from delectable sandwiches mixed veggies, healthy wraps, and Kenyan, Italian, and Indian cuisine.

Take Eat Easy Kenya

Getting your food delivered should not require too much effort. Take Eat Easy ensures that you have it seamless by allowing you to make an order and relax as you wait for your meal at any place or any time. The company is a new, exciting and innovative food delivery service provider with a lot of features. You can order any meal, including snacks, fast foods, full meals, and multi-cuisine varieties.

Mama Meals on Wheels

Mama Meals on Wheels are the solution to delivering your meals from your best restaurant. The company, based in Westlands, has a fleet of vehicles that will provide your food to your doorstep in a few minutes. It offers door-to-door services from some of the top-rated restaurants in Kenya.

Uber Eats

The American food ordering service launched in Kenya in 2018 allows you to order food from several restaurants, delivering it to your doorstep. Whether you want a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Uber Eats will have your needs sorted quickly. The company allows you to browse your food delivery option and to track your order every step of the way.

Tuskys Home Delivery

Tuskys announcement about their home delivery services was met with a lot of excitement from Kenyans. All you have to do is send your shopping order via Whatsapp or email belonging to your nearest Tuskys branch. Shortly after payment, your order will be delivered to your doorstep.


The next time you wonder how to get your meal from your favorite restaurants, you know that you do not have to strain. Make an order through one of these best places for home-delivered food and get it right where you are.