Recently, more people are growing dreadlocks because of their versatility and convenience.  They are one of the most iconic natural hairstyles that are incredibly versatile. You can dye them, wear a wig or weave or keep them long or short. The only limit with dreadlocks is your imagination. If you think dreadlocks are all about wearing your hair rugged, this can’t be further from the truth.

Benefits of Wearing Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are an eye-catching hair style perfect for the bold ladies. It provides several benefits, including:

  • Easy to maintain your natural dreadlocks – all you need is to wash them with shampoo regularly.
  • Protective hairstyle for ladies that do not require chemicals
  • It helps the hair retain its natural moisture
  • Does not exert too much stress on your scalp

If you are considering growing dreads, here are some of the best dreadlock styles for ladies that can help you style your natural dreadlocks.

The Ombre Dreads

If you love wearing different hair colors, then wearing locks will not be boring for you.  You can dye your dreadlocks the same as you would do to your natural hair and enjoy the same beauty.  Choose colors that compliment your skin tone, and do not be afraid to play around with colors. The added colors give your hairstyle a pop and a great sense of hue

Dreadlock Ponytails

Ponytails never go out of style because they look so clean and neat. They are a perfect style for your dreadlocks because they tone down the rough and rugged illusion of dreadlocks. Regardless of the length of your dreadlocks, the middle ponytail will look great, and for some pop, you can tie your mane using a lovely colored ribbon.

Dreadlock Mohawk

Dreadlock Mohawk bring out your chic personality. It is a familiar look among numerous female dread hairstyles because it’s easy to set with short and long dreads. It provides the badass factor for this kickass style.

Wavy Dreadlocks

They offer a simple way to switch up your usual style to create a playful and romantic look. You can use hair rollers to make your deadlocks by just rolling and lipping the same way you would your regular hair. You can also use setting lotions to dampen and braid your locks for a great look. The style is best suited for thin and medium-sized dreadlocks.

Cornrows and Dreadlocks

Cornrow is an iconic hairstyle popular in the 90s but is rapidly making a comeback in the fashion world. Combining cornrows and dreadlocks creates a neat raised hairstyle that shows your scalp in between the lines. It’s a unique style that is striking and beautiful. It’s also a fantastic twist into the popular dreadlock Mohawk style.

Crinkle Dreadlocks

Crinkle dreadlocks are a fun and striking dreadlock style. Locking this style is pretty simple and the same as creating mermaid waves on regular hair. You start by making your deadlocks damp and plaiting braids three locks at a time.

After you are done, hold your dreadlocks together with a hairband and leave it to dry. To get your crinkle dreads, you will carefully un-braid your dreads, and your dreadlocks will have beautiful kinks and waves. It’s a great way to enjoy little curls and coils after growing your locks.

High Puff Dreadlock Bun

Do you want to wear this excellent style but you worried about your professional life? Rest easy because there numerous styles that you can wear that fight into your formal outfit. An example is a high bun that is relatively easy to pull off, and it looks gorgeous. The high bun can also fit in a casual look through a messy bun that’s classic.

Dreadlock Bangs

If you have short dreadlocks, then you can wear bangs. You will need to bring most of the locks to your forehead. To soften your dreads for this process, you can spray them with water. You can then bring the hair from one side up and clip it with a hairpin. For that extra pop, you can leave the dreads at the backdown.


When talking about hairstyles that have lasted for decades in the fashion world and still looks trendy, then you must be talking about dreadlocks. The dreadlock hairstyle has several exciting and classic styles that allow you to make a great and impressive statement.