In the recent past, almost everyone wants a tattoo for one or another reason. Some get tattoos to honor a departed loved one or express their love for something such as their culture, but recently, more people choose to get a tattoo because it’s the in-thing to do.

However, as incredible as tattoos are, and as much as you may be ready to floss that paint, choosing the best tattoo can be an uphill task. First, you will need to go through a gallery of tattoo ideas as the foundation for this exhilarating process.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are fascinating, and they allow you to express yourself through artistic design. Tribal tattoos are ancient artwork dating back to more than half a century when people wore tattoos across diverse cultures and races. The meaning differs across cultures and ethnicities, enabling the wearer to preserve and appreciate their ancient culture and tradition.

Tribal tattoos can signify dominion and are easily noticeable due to their bold and interlocking patterns. Tribal tattoo ideas for men can include

  • Tribal shoulder tattoo
  • Tribal Chest tattoo
  • Tribal hand tattoo
  • Tribal face tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are controversial and are among the most versatile and iconic tattoo ideas for men. Skull tattoos are intertwined between the concept of life and death. Since the artwork represents different meanings for different people, they are quite a popular and a great choice for many men. The designs are also equally diverse, and they can be as realistic and basic or as creative as you want. If you choose a skull, make sure you get an artist capable of developing incredible skulls design beyond all imagination. Some of the common skull tattoo designs for men include

  • Skull with hat tattoo
  • Skull with wings tattoo
  • Skull with sunglasses tattoo
  • Skull with flame tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are difficult to conceal, and you must choose a design that shows who you are. They represent masculine personalities, boldness, and strength. Neck tattoos can be small, or they can cover the entire neck. Neck tattoo ideas for guys include:

  • Back neck tattoo
  • Angel neck tattoo
  • Front neck tattoo
  • Word neck tattoo
  • Flower neck tattoo
  • Bird neck tattoo

Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos for gentlemen are extremely versatile, with a sea of pictures for different individuals. Arms are one of most men’s favorite parts of their bodies because they are a perfect symbol of their masculinity. The ideal tattoo will draw everyone’s eyes to their arms, and for others, it’s the perfect disguise for scars and marks.  Arm tattoos for men include:

  • Upper arm tattoo
  • Inner arm tattoo
  • Back of the arm tattoo
  • Biceps tattoo
  • Full arm tattoo

Chest Tattoo

After rigorous working out and the results are visible on your chest, you may consider adding a tattoo to your chest appeal. The chest is a prime choice for a tattoo simply because they look excellent. It’s one of the most preferred parts for showcasing ink. A creative and unique chest tattoo can become your identity. Below are some chest tattoo suggestions:

  • Cantered text tattoo
  • Symmetrical design tattoo
  • Single-sided chest tattoo
  • Chain chess tattoo

Back Tattoo

The back is flat and large hence an ideal surface for complex and eye-catching tattoos. Additionally, the back has the least number of low nerve endings, meaning it’s one of the least painful surfaces for your tattoo. It’s an excellent choice for men who love the outdoors and are not afraid of showing their bodies. Some of the recommended back tattoos ideas for men include:

  • 3D back tattoo
  • Colour combination tattoos
  • Skull back tattoo
  • Greyback tattoo
  • Animal back tattoo

Face Tattoos

Face tattoos are a controversial type of artistry reserved for bold men who walk on the wilder part of life. They are gaining popularity fast as they state the personality of an individual easily. However, it’s good to understand the dangers and workplace or cultural policies before getting one.  On some occasions, getting a face tattoo may be more of a necessity than a choice, especially when people use it to conceal scars or marks. Face tattoos may include the following:

  • Teardrops tattoo
  • Face bird tattoo
  • Pepper tattoo
  • Face quote tattoo

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are stylish, and they give men a refreshing look that speaks volumes about your personality. It’s a popular area for tattoos because it’s easily visible and easy to conceal if the occasion demands it. It’s also a large surface, thus providing a large surface for awesome tattoo designs. Popular shoulder images for men include:

  • Shoulder animal tattoo
  • Shoulder armor tattoo
  • Spiderman tattoo
  • Shoulder art tattoo


These examples of tattoo ideas for men in Kenya are just a splash in the ocean to help you get started on the process. Choose an appealing design that allows you to show your personality.