Even the finest artists need high-quality tattooing machines to deliver impeccable services. As the demand for tattoos increases, the tattooing machine brands also increase. If you’re looking for a new gadget to add to your collection, you know how complicated choosing the right one can be, whether rotary or basic.

In this article, you will discover the ten best tattoo machines in 2021.

10. Micky Sharpz 

Micky Sharpz is a distinctive brand that has been supplying global tattooing professionals with quality machines for over three decades. Their coil model is ideal for accurate and efficient coloring, shading, and lining. They have various tattoo machines ranging from brass hybrid, bronze contraption, bronze micro-dial, and bronze tribute. Micky Sharpz produces its machines using a dead-mold procedure to minimize friction between the components.

9. HM Tattoo Machines 

HM tattoo machines is a brand known for its most excellent product, Mini Dietzel Powerliner, a perfect choice for artists using size seven needles and above. It’s an innovative machine, allowing the users to adjust the stroke length to fit the artist’s style. It also has a simple adjustment system, and the users don’t have to disassemble and assemble the machine parts.

8. Workhorse Irons 

Workhorse Irons strives to supply tattoo artists with high-end handmade tattoo machines. The brand has a long list of premier tattoo machines, each designed to deliver the best results. They manufacture their tattoo machines locally because they access high-quality materials like brass and aircraft aluminum, giving the artists an assortment to choose from. The only thing acquired elsewhere is the Swiss Maxon Motor on their machines.

7. Dragonhawk 

Two tattoo artists launched this great company in 2001 to offer the best and attract more people to use their affordable tattooing machines and accessories. The company’s handmade coil machine is the most popular, having come into the market in 2012. Global artists who have used the machine expressed great satisfaction.

6. Cheyenne 

Cheyenne tattoo machines are the actual definition of versatility, innovation, and flawless quality. According to the users, all Cheyenne tattoo machines are durable, ergonomic, and reliable. Their Cheyenne Hawk is one of the best innovations in the tattoo industry today. The machines come in various colors, although they are not recommended for beginners. Beginners are encouraged to try less sophisticated machines in their collection.

5. Bishop 

Bishop is an old-time brand that has since evolved with the advancement in technology. Their objective has consistently been producing the best tools for the best experience. Their machines are durable, lightweight, yet made from the best materials in the industry. The use of aircraft aluminum in the machines makes them sturdy, meaning an artist can use them for the longest time.

4. Vlad Blad Irons 

The Russia-based manufacturer is known for producing tattoo machines characterized by exceptional design, reliability, and high performance. Vlad Blad Irons offers a lifetime warranty on all their tattoo machines and components to guarantee quality to their customers. They have a collection of many tools, each with varying features and prices. It is mainly a good fit because you can use it as a universal tool when traveling.

3. Solong 

Nearly every tattoo artist in the world has heard about Solong because of its excellent accessories. Their machines are affordable and come with a 6-month warranty. Solong is a renowned tattoo equipment manufacturer known for its pursuit of producing tools that will leave a positive impression on people. Their tattoo machine kit also contains high-quality and affordable tools.

2. Fallen King Irons 

Commonly known as FK Irons, this brand designs quality machines for the best tattoo artists. FK Irons Spectra Direkt2, for instance, is a high-performance machine using standard cartridges and needles for convenience. The tool also has excellent gripping, thus allowing the artists to tattoo for long sessions without experiencing issues. It’s available in 5 different colors for artists to choose from based on their preference.

1. Redscorpion Cast Iron 

Redscorpion cast iron tattoo machines are excellent in quality. For example, their liner coil tattoo machines come with excellent electrical and magnetic conductivity, drawing crisp and straightforward lines. Thanks to a frame that’s incised and processed by a precision line, the machine is very accurate. Also, this machine is user-friendly, lightweight, and doesn’t heat up quickly.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t hard for tattoo artists to choose a suitable machine for their craft. All they need is to have the necessary features to look out for, and selection will be easy. Get a high-end device that will help you do the job conveniently.