While some people regard tattoos as a fashion statement, others who may have acquired them may not see their worth anymore. It could also be that your tattoo artist did not meet your expectations, and the imprint now looks like an eyesore. Thankfully, you can get your tattoo removed through laser treatment, dermabrasion, or plastic surgery.

In laser treatment, tattoo artists usually use ink in two separate cells, some which are larger than white blood cells and others smaller. This ink infuses deep into your body, and the white blood cells recognize it as a foreign element, where they remove the smaller ink cells and retain the larger ones.

During tattoo removal, laser treatment targets the ink without infiltrating the skin, thus breaking the superior ink cells. It may take some time or even several sessions to remove the ink if the tattoo is large or too dark.

Where to Get Your Tattoo Removed in Kenya 

Tattoo regret can bring severe emotional imbalance, especially if the removal procedure is not handled the right way. If it’s time to remove your tattoo, Kenya has several professionals who can do it reliably. Below are the best places to get your tattoo removed in Kenya.

Keridam Skin Clinic and Medical Center 

Keridam professionals focus laser beams on the tattoo to break down the color pigmentation. It may take you somewhere between 6-12 sessions to clear the tattoo completely, depending on its size, age, and shade. The clinic has qualified dermatologists who numb their patients because the procedure can be painful.

You can check them up and book an appointment, and you won’t regret it. The clinic boasts 90% successful tattoo removal procedures. They are located at Norwich Union (new wing) 2nd floor, and you can email them on keridammedicalcentre@gmail.com.

Avane Clinic

At Avane, they will remove that unwanted ink through laser treatment. Before the procedure, Dr. Pancholi may use a topical anesthetizing agent to ensure you don’t feel the pain as they pass the laser over the tattoo. Although laser tattoo is favorable for almost everyone, they encourage pregnant and lactating ladies to wait to do the removal later.

Patients on chemotherapy should also complete their treatment before going for a laser tattoo procedure. Avane is a renowned cosmetic dermatology clinic located at Yaya Center, 4th floor, although they have branches at Gigiri and Park Suites, Parklands. You can contact them on 0714 500 500 to schedule an appointment.

Rebel Inks Kenya 

The professionals at Rebel Inks Kenya offer laser tattoo removal in Kenya, and their clients recommend them highly. They are at Hazina towers, ground floor, stall D2, and they operate from Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. According to their clients, Rebel Inks Kenya experts are clean, professional, and offer the best customer service. If you want to book your laser tattoo appointment, contact them on 0725 170 076.

The Source MediSpa

If you want to remove your tattoo in Nairobi, the Source MediSpa is the place to be. They use a Q-switched NdYAG laser, which is one of the best tattoo removal methods. This method splits the imprint into smaller ink particles, leaving the body to remove them over time.

The method eliminates the tattoo naturally without hurting your body. The removal process can take 2-6 sessions, depending on the pigment intensity. The Source MediSpa experts remove even tattooed eyebrows, not to mention disturbing or amateur tattoos, whose removal takes fewer sessions. 

Skin Kenya 

The clinic offers professional laser tattoo removal to people across Kenya. The laser tattoo procedure focuses on tattoo pigmentation without hurting your skin. However, with more sessions, your skin may experience some sensation because of the heat produced by the lasers. You shouldn’t worry about it, because laser technology is refined and the experience is different for everyone. To reduce the sensation, the professionals apply an antibiotic gel, sterile dressing and advise you against sun exposure.

Final Thoughts

Some tattoo removal methods may be ineffective at permanent removal and may expose you to higher risks of scarring. Laser therapy is currently the most effective method, and you’ll find the service in most tattoo removal parlors in Kenya. Be careful about buying tattoo removal ointments, as some are ineffective and take too long to penetrate through the skin and clear the ink.