A few decades ago, seeing a girl wearing tattoos was surprising, but thankfully, things have changed. A large part of the tattoo industry aims at designing unique and creative tattoo styles specifically for women. It’s important to note that the best tattoo design rests on your taste and creative expression. Gender does not pose any limitation to the style or design of a tattoo.

Several tattoo designs have now become very popular among girls These include animal tattoos, for example, dolphins and butterfly ideas are popular subjects.  Other female tattoo lovers opt for fierce and aggressive animals such as tigers, elephants, and lions. The stunning gallery of tattoos below has an assortment of popular girls’ tattoos.

Heart Tattoos

True romantics choose a heart tattoo as a way of paying homage to their loved ones. They are popular among women and can include complementary details within the design.

Badass Tattoos

More girls are choosing cool and awesome tattoo designs that showcase their badass design. You can choose to have something edgy, intimidating, yet exciting.  You can choose a large tattoo piece that showcases your skin, colorful artwork, or a fiery sleeve design covering a significant part of your body.

Animal Tattoo Design

Animal tattoos have been a favorite design for more than a century. The gallery of animal tattoos has several styles and approaches for different women tattoo enthusiasts’ unique needs. You can opt for photo-realistic images of tigers, lions, or elephants. The animal tattoo designs are very versatile and exciting.


Symbols represent different beliefs, concepts, and attitudes, and they can help increase the significance of a simple tattoo. Some are recognizable, such as astrological signs, the Christian cross, and the female symbol. They all can build a complex tattoo design. 

Watercolor for Women

Another popular female tattoo approach is the watercolor tattoo that uses bold outline lines and applies a different color to create the same watercolor painting. The versatile tattoo design for girls can incorporate flowers, animals, and birds in the design.

Meaningful Tattoos

The aesthetic look of a tattoo design is not everything for some girls who want a tattoo that has a special meaning. Meaningful tattoos will bring back memories of a person or sensational events.

Linework Body Art

Solid line work is essential for all tattoos, and more girls are turning away from complex and bright colors and opting for more subdued styles that depend on lines to bring the piece together. However, these tattoos are not boring or dimensional; rather, talented artists can use their skills to make them unique and captivating.

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Flowers are a powerful symbol and popular accessories in most ceremonies across the world. Their importance in the human experience and the fact that they are beautiful makes flowers a widely sought-after tattoo design for girls. The flower tattoo designs and approaches are versatile.

Delicate Tattoos

Delicate, cute, and tiny tattoos are adorable, feminine, and easy to fit for every place or situation. Most women choose dainty and cute tattoos that can go unnoticed unless they know where to look. Some delicate tattoo ideas include a word, smile, tiny heart, or arrow.

Sexy Tattoos

Sexy tattoos designs are hot and alluring. Although the tattoo design is a crucial factor, the location of the tattoo matters most. Chest, upper thighs, and back tattoos have a reputation for their sex appeal.

The most popular ideas for sexy tattoos include heavily shaded, floral, and whimsical designs. When choosing a sexy tattoo design for girls, it’s best to choose one that fits your personality and body.

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are a special reminder for girls that someone is looking over them. Whether you choose a full-blown figure or just the wings, an angel tattoo is a versatile design with several incredible tattoo outcomes. It can be religious-based or as a reminder of someone you miss.

Phoenix Tattoos

A Phoenix tattoo represents a mythological bird reborn from flames and comes out of the fire stronger. It can be an excellent reference for girls who have gone through difficult times or an inspiration for someone who loves the classic myth.


A good tattoo can make your body more appealing, and it’s also a fashion symbol.  Choose a tattoo design that speaks to you and expresses your personality.