Applying makeup on oily skin can be stressful because it dissolves faster, leaving you with a shiny face. But don’t worry because the oil implies your skin is secreting significant amounts of protective sebum. The good news is that you can apply makeup and have it last because there are products for each skin type. Here are some tips to help you maintain the right look all day long.

Always Apply a Primer 

Priming helps you create an additional layer between your skin and makeup; they act as a glue that gives your foundation a place to attach. After cleaning your face, prime it focusing more on the oiliest parts. Apart from ensuring your makeup lasts longer, primers also prevent makeup from clogging your pores because the products don’t come into contact with your skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, always use oil-free, salicylic acid-based primers because they help fight acne.

Apply the Right Products for Oily Skin

Be careful when buying makeup products because not every foundation type will sit well with your oily skin. Some foundation types are oily and will only aggravate the situation, compelling you to do touch-ups to maintain a good look for long. If you don’t find foundations designed specifically for oily skins, you can look out for powder or water-based options. Silica-based foundations are also ideal because they contain oil-controlling elements that will not blotch your skin.

Carry Loose or Pressed Powder with You 

When you have oily skin, you already know how helpful powder is, especially because you can apply it easily to absorb the shine. But, powders are also different, so be careful not to purchase powders giving a shine because they make the skin oilier. With the right powder, you only need a brush to sweep across the T-zone, and other shiny areas like the cheeks. It doesn’t require any makeup application prowess to dust the shiny areas a bit, provided you don’t use the sponge that comes with compact powder because it can make your skin oilier.

Use Matte Blushes 

Blushes are perfect makeup items for brightening your skin during makeup application. Having oily skin means you should go for powder blushes because they soak excess oil from the skin, although it’s not a good option for people who sweat a lot. Thankfully, the market has a wide selection of blushes, each with its unique features. You should evaluate several options for oily skin and discover the right type depending on the purpose of your blush.

Avoid Applying Thick Layers of Powder or Concealer 

It may look like heavy layers of powder are suitable for people with oily skins, but they aren’t. Thicker powders and foundations are likely to clog your pores, and this may trigger breakouts. Also, when pressed too much by makeup layers, your skin is likely to drive out more oil. Applying loads of powder on your whole face makes it look cakey; always start with small amounts of formula and build as desired.  

Carry Some Blotting Papers 

Seeing that unwanted shine can be stressful, and this is where the blotting papers become necessary. They have extra-absorbent elements meant to eliminate oil and sweat without wiping out the makeup. You will likely experience some shine from time to time, no matter how perfect you are in your art. But, you can always sort it out by having some powder, a blush, and blotting papers in your makeup bag.

Invest in Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup can be tricky to wash off, but it’s a good deal if the weather is humid or you have an event that may turn out to be emotional. It’s also an ideal choice if you intend to walk around for long hours where you may sweat. Sportspersons and people who may want to maintain their makeup through physical exercises can opt for waterproof makeup. These products contain adhesive elements that make them stick; only oil-based removers can wipe them out.


Most makeup products are not favorable for oily skins because they enhance oil production. Apart from getting the right products for your skin type, remove your makeup as soon as possible. Normalize wiping your makeup when you get home, and apply an oil skin cleanser to maintain the correct cycle of oiliness.