Crotchet braid hairstyles are a versatile and protective style. They require braiding your natural hair into the simple front, back cornrows and then using the crotchet method to attach hair onto the cornrows. Crotchet braids come in various pre-styled braids or twists that you can choose to create a classy hairstyle. Check out the following gorgeous crotchet braid hairstyles before making an appointment with your hairstylist.

1.     Marley Twists

Marley Twist is an iconic and popular hairstyle drawing inspiration from Bob Marley’s long hair. They mimic the appearance of natural dreadlocks. It uses long synthetic hair that’s kinky curly, making it a unique hairstyle compared to traditional twist styles. It is voluminous and frizzy hair that bonds two strands together through the twist method. It is light making it a protective style that’s unlikely to cause any damage to your scalp. Your stylist may use knotless box braids style to ensure that your twist does not fall off after a while.

2.     Knotless crotchet Braid

It’s a versatile and popular protective style that does not add too much stress to your scalp. Depending on its size, the knotless braids look great in up-dos and can also be left flowing on our back. The braids come in various sizes, and they do not have knots that can cause root tension on your hair.

3.     Crotchet Box Braid Hairstyle

Crotchet box braids are perfect for when you want to give your hair a break from the constant pulling and heat. They come in a range of sizes that are suitable for women of all ages. The protective hairstyle is incredible, and it saves you time in the salon. With proper care, you can wear the style for several weeks.

4.     Faux Locs Crochet Braid

They create the appearance of natural locks without having to make a long-time commitment to growing natural locks. It’s also a protective hairstyle that’s quite popular because it’s beautiful and easy to install. Your hairstylist will braid cornrows and crotchets the faux locks in a way that reduces the tension on your scalp. The best thing about faux locks is that they become better looking with time.

5.     Voluminous Kinky Texture

Crotchet hair is incredible because they allow you to play around with how thick and thin you want your style to be and what is easy for you to maintain. In this crotchet style, volume is the crucial factor for a gorgeous finish.

6.     Kinky Long Afro

Kinky long Afro is a high volume and low maintenance style that looks extremely classy. It comes in other colors than the usual black hair, such as the beautiful dusky brown color. With several color alternatives, it’s an excellent choice for someone looking for a visually appealing effect.

7.     Red Twist Outs

Red twist-outs are a chic and cute hairstyle that comes in a unique color. It’s a good choice for ladies who want a style that steps a little out of the box. It allows you to play with colors without having to color your natural hair.

8.     Curly Crochet Hair

The curly crochet hair is a stylish hairstyle that offers plenty of volume and flow. The luscious curls create an incredibly natural look. Through crotchet hairstyles, you can get your cute perfect curls fast. Experiment with various lightweight and bouncy curly crotchet styles and enjoy a timeless look.

9.     Jamaica Bounce Crotchet Braids

The hairstyle will graze the neck and is the ultimate choice for adding volume and life to your hair. It features large yet tight ringlets that will frame your face beautifully.

10.     Straight Crochet Braid

They come in a prim, polished look that enhances the shape of your face. Shiny and sleek styles are generally preferred for crocheting because they deliver a beautiful look. It’s also easy to maintain, and a simple blowout in the morning will keep it looking silky and straight throughout the day.

11.     Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

The sleek and tight Senegalese twists look better when you use kanekalon hair. Though the braid looks more synthetic, the braided hair comes off as uniquely classy. It’s perfect for a refined and elegant look.

12.     Ombre Crochet Braid

The ombre crotchet braids come in two shades, and they have unique color combinations. It’s perfect for switching up styles and adding volume.


Thanks to crotchet braids, tedious and time-consuming braiding sessions are a thing of the past. The hairstyle is taking the beauty industry by storm because of its versatility and scalp-friendliness. Whichever hair you like, whether refined, wild, silky, waves, straight or voluminous, crotchet braids will help you achieve a beautiful and natural-looking style for all occasions.