Cornrow braids are one of the most popular hairstyles in Africa. However, for more than a decade, the style has taken root internationally, with some celebrities like Alicia Keys and Beyonce spotting it on several occasions. The cornrow braid hairstyle is irresistible, and it comes in infinite designs and styles ranging from simple, sexy, sleek, crazy, and colorful hairdos.

It gives you a chance to tap into your creativity for a unique result. You can accessorize with beads and cuffs, dye your hair and use exquisite patterns for an elegant and uniform finish. If you are ready to glam up with the coolest cornrow, here are some of the trendiest cornrow braid hairstyles this year.

1.     Big Cornrow Braids

Big cornrow braids are easy to maintain, and since it uses thicker strands, the braiding process takes up less time. They are an amazingly bold and eye-catching trend that is easy to style. You can dress up the classic hairstyle with accessories for a better and unique look or leave it like that for a more natural look.

1.     Side Cornrow Braids

It’s similar to Beyonce’s lemonade locks. The cornrow braid hairstyle is a classic, stylish and versatile, and fun style. You can make a faux undercut look by braiding the side of the head or uses contrasting braid sizes at the top of your head. The diversity of this hairstyle is perfect for coming up with a style that will dazzle everyone. It also frames out your face by emphasizing the bone structure and bring out cheekbones.

1.     Two Cornrow Braids

The two cornrow braids are an iconic look that emits confidence and power. It’s an underhand braiding style that separates hair into large braids. The braiding type goes at an angle, and it stays close to the scalp. Braiding the hair asymmetrically and off the center kicks the style up a notch making it look fresh, playful, and fun. It is a simple and appealing style suitable for work or school but unique enough to earn you compliments.

1.     Cornrow Braids with Natural Hair

Natural hair and cornrows go well together. Some of the most fabulous natural hairstyles perfect for this technique include the side cornrows, tiny faux hawk, and a faux undercut. You can get creative with this hairstyle with small or big braided hairstyle and contrasting thick curly Afro hair. Since the style involves braiding your hair, it allows you to showcases your best pair of earrings.

1.     Four Cornrow Braids

The four cornrow braid shows the traditional African cornrow plaiting interpretation. You can opt for the classic and simple recipe that involves braiding the hair up your head at the same angle, or you can opt for a fresh take that only keeps the sides straight. The style offers interesting visual variations that make it exciting and traditional.

1.     Cornrows Braided into a Bun

Wrapping up your braids into a bun is a great style. Adding cornrow into this mix makes the style extra striking. You can braid your hair up and secure it at the top of your head or braid the cornrows straight to the back of your head before wrapping them up in a bun. You can make the style even more glamorous by using braiding angles and different cornrow strand sizes. Bold lipstick and eyeliner will make the hairstyle look sophisticated and sexy.

1.     Cornrows in Front and Box Braids at the Back

This style is not new, but it has made a comeback and is rending for good reasons. It’s a protective hairstyle, low maintenance, and on top of that, it looks fantastic.

1.     Cornrow Braids with Weave

Weaves add length and thickness to your hair and make it look smoother. After sewing in your weave, you can braid the hair into beautiful cornrows. One particular style you can try is the two French braids that require voluminous hair.  If you want more compliments, you can choose a weave in different colors and let the ends loose. It’s a beautiful hairstyle that is protective for your hair too.

1.     Cornrows with Extension

If you want a pop of color on your cornrow braids, choose to add extensions. Bright colors such as pink, blue, and green will give your style a fresh and striking look.  It creates a bold and graphic look with the changing colors between your natural hair and extension.


Cornrow braids hairstyle is a great protective hairstyle that’s suitable for any hair. It is easy to maintain because it only requires regular cleansing and moisturizing to ensure that your scalp stays healthy and the style lasts longer.