Foundation is such a fantastic invention for most ladies. Applying the suitable base for your makeup well is the key to attaining a flawless face. Unfortunately, most ladies find foundation and concealer application pretty challenging. But, it’s not as complex as it appears. After acquiring the right color matching your skin tone, follow the below guide and apply your foundation like a pro.

Clean and Prep Your Skin Properly 

Prepping your face is very important if you want to have a flawless look. You should never apply foundation on a dirty, oily face because makeup tends to hide in crevices of dry skin. Prepping involves cleansing with a gentle face wash and using a lightweight moisturizer. You should then wait for about 15 minutes; it allows the products to settle before applying your foundation. Ensure you get gentle formulas, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Choose the Right Coverage and Shade for Your Skin Tone 

This is probably the most challenging part of choosing the right foundation. You can use sheer, medium, or full coverage foundation, depending on the results you want to achieve. If you’re going to expose your freckles, go for a hydrating or lightweight formula, but choose a medium formula if you intend to wear an evened-out look. Ensure you match the face with the right foundation shade, even if it takes sampling beforehand. 

Apply Your Foundation 

Applying foundation isn’t as hard because you only need to wet your classic blending sponge to achieve even coverage and reduce absorption. Drain the excess water completely, pick the product bit by bit with the broader end of your sponge, and dab it on your face to achieve the right results. Ensure the foundation melts on your skin perfectly by holding the sponge well without smudging its sides over your face. You can achieve perfect results by using stippling or bouncing motion. 

Dab from the Center Heading Outward to Blend Perfectly

Your face has some parts exposed to shadows and yellow undertones, the reason you should start from the center of your face outward. When you do it right, your foundation attains a natural look, achieving a perfect finish. Although you can also use a brush or fingers for the job, a sponge blender is the best in attaining even distribution and flawlessness. 

Top Off and Set Your Foundation

For your makeup to last, apply a translucent setting powder, dust it over with a blush, or use a setting spray instead. If you use a spray, hold the bottle about 10cm away and apply the mist gently. Remember to highlight the key areas and apply some lipstick if you wish.

If you have acne or are prone to it, it’s advisable to use a loose powder or mineral foundation, as they are relatively light and unlikely to clog your skin pores. Acne-prone people should be careful in selecting their makeup products; they should avoid oil-based products, which are suitable for people with dry skin.

Polish Up Your Foundation

Looking at the mirror, you may notice some areas necessitating a bit of formula or blush. However, before adding anything, look up your face over different lighting. The results you see on fluorescent are different from what you’ll see on yellow lighting. If need be, take your highlighter for the last time and apply it on the highest points on the cheeks to enhance the glow. A final touch-up with a brown or pin blush will be a perfect way of completing your makeup look. 

Blot It If Necessary

If your final look has an unpleasant shine on any part of your face, do not wipe. Instead, blot it. Blotting papers soak up excess oil without messing with your look. These papers keep your skin looking as matte as your foundation intended. Apart from using them during the application, also carry some in your makeup bag in case your face becomes shiny in the course of the day.


It requires a certain level of skillfulness to attain perfection in foundation application. Start by identifying your skin type so that you know the right products to source without exposing your beautiful skin to acne. Follow the above simple tips, and with practice, you’ll realize how simple it is to become a pro.