Every week, thousands of people send and receive money from and to people in Kenya. With more than 3 million Kenyans living abroad, an inexpensive and efficient method for cash transfer is essential.

However, international banks and, for that matter, Kenyan banks do not have the friendliest exchange rates and charge fees. That’s why M-Pesa global comes to the rescue with several options for transferring money internationally.

What is M-pesa Global?

Mpesa Global is an efficient service that allows M-Pesa registered individuals to receive global money transfers from the comfort of their homes. The minimum amount for these transfers is KSHS 101, and the maximum is KSHS 700,000, and the recipient receives the funds in their country currency.

Safaricom has partnered with several money transfer service providers to ensure that sending and receiving money from your M-Pesa does not cost you.

Among these partners include:


mHits is currently known as Rocket Remit. It allows uses to transfer money from Australia to overseas countries such as Kenya using just the recipient’s phone number. It’s an international mobile money transfer that takes just a few minutes to set up and use.

To transfer, you will need to create a Rocket Remit account, load it via bank transfer and send money using the recipient’s phone number. If the recipient is in Kenya, they receive their money instantly on the M-Pesa account.

Post Finance

Post Finance is another M-Pesa global partner to allow users to make international banking transactions seamlessly. The post-finance Twint app will enable you to send money from Switzerland to families, friends, and acquaintances in Kenya through their M-Pesa account in real-time.


Skrill offers zero international transfer fee services to M-Pesa. It’s a reliable money transfer provider with an excellent rating for its market-beating rates. They have a skrill mobile app and website options to make sending money easy and efficient. Skrill also provides transfer alerts that let you know when favorable exchange rates are available.

Western Union

Western Union Company is a market leader in international money transfers. Through their partnership with M-Pesa, they unlocked money transfers for more than 28 million. M-Pesa account holders can receive money from various countries and territories across the globe via the western union.


Azimo allows for fast money transfers via M-Pesa. Azimo’s customers across the globe can comfortably send money to M-Pesa subscribers in Kenya. It’s a safe, easy, quick, and cost-effective method of transferring money, and it’s more than 85% cheaper than traditional money transfer service providers. The cash is delivered instantly to the M-Pesa customers’ account, and they can withdraw it from any M-Pesa agent in Kenya.


Xpressmoney allows you to send money to any M-Pesa account holder in Kenya. They offer excellent exchange rates, and transfer fees are pretty competitive compared to the traditional money transfer providers. After sending the money, the recipient receives instant notification of the appearance of cash on the M-Pesa wallet. They can proceed to withdraw it from an M-Pesa agent. It’s a safe and convenient method of ensuring that your loved ones get good value for your money.


Wordremit allows you to send money to your loved ones in a heartbeat. Through its partnership with M-Pesa, it provides a simple, fast, low fee, and hassle-free way to be there for your family and friends when they need you. All you need to do is visit the Worldremit website and choose the country you wish to send your money to. You will then need to select the Mobile Money service and enter the amount you want to transfer. Once the recipient has received the money in their M-Pesa, they instantly get a notification.

Why Choose M-Pesa for Your International Money Transfers?

  • The recipient gets the funds to the M-Pesa accounts instantly
  • Reduces the risk of carrying large amounts of cash
  • There is no need to travel to banks or pickup locations as the money is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone.
  • It’s a safe and secure platform for sending money
  • Sending money via M-Pesa is also low cost, and there are no service charges; instead, you pay as you go for transactions performed.
  • M-Pesa does not have a minimum amount, and it will remain operational even when empty.


Next time you are sending money home, remember that M-Pesa has got you covered. Through their partnership with the above money transfer service providers, you won’t have to bear high costs for the transactions.