Braided hairstyles are quite common in Kenya, certainly because they are easy to do and maintain. Like other women worldwide, most Kenyan ladies love braids for their versatility and diverse patterns. You can wear them for various occasions without feeling out of place. Below is a compilation of fabulous braid hairstyles for women in the 21st century.

Box Braids

Box braids appear like a bunch of three-strand braids, although they have a square box parting pattern. Adding synthetic hair makes the braids appear fuller and longer. Although making box braids may take several hours, the final results are appealing and may last for months, depending on your hair type. Amazingly, your hairdresser can make the boxes small, medium, or large and can do it on natural hair, yet all will have stunning results.

Knotless Braids 

After sectioning the hair, your stylist adds a few braids to your natural hair to fill and lengthen it further. Just like with box braids, the braider divides your hair into some triangle or square divisions, only that, in this case, they do not have a small knot at the base. Knotless braids are very light, making them an ideal protective style because there is minimal risk of hair breakage. 

Cornrow Braids 

Cornrow braids are beautiful, easy to do, and have very many designs that will leave heads turning in admiration. Unlike braids, cornrows go downward and have a tight, flat effect against the scalp. Stylists intertwine your natural hair with extensions as they go at the back to achieve an impressive length. This protective hairstyle is also low maintenance, and you can also attach some beads for sophistication.

Braided Ponytail 

A high ponytail is one of the prettiest styles today. It is dazzling yet simple and comfortable for office, gym, school, or even a date. The braided ponytail is done like cornrow braids, only that they leave your eyes and forehead a bit exposed. A braided ponytail is the best way to showcase your eye makeup, especially if it’s perfectly polished, with some accessories for additional personality. 

Crotchet Braids 

Crotchet braiding involves latching extensions on ones’ natural hair using a crochet hook. Crotchet braids are more like wigs or weave and last long because they’re mostly latched on loose cornrows. The cornrow design done underneath forms the basis for your crotchet braids, and you can plait your style of choice on top. For example, you can have loose cornrows under and fix something like box braids on top, which significantly reduces the time you take to fix. 

Lemonade Braids 

Lemonade braids first became famous in 2016 when Beyonce, a renowned American songwriter, and actress wore them in her visual album, Lemonade. It’s a style that involves plaiting neat, smooth, and close cornrows going from left to right and not backward. You can have them in the thickness of your choice, and you may also mix them with other cornrow designs, preferably at the back. 

French Braids 

The French braid is more than just a basic three-stand braid because it starts near your head crown and not at the nape of your neck. In French braiding, your stylist crosses the left thread over the middle thread, then crosses the right cord over the middle one and keeps repeating. However, they always pick additional hair from the side before crossing a side thread over the center one. 

Mohawk Braid 

Mohawk braids are trendy and allow you to wear a Mohawk without shaving your hair. Your stylist can plait some cornrows on the side and use a weave for Mohawk styling. Ladies who love a vintage look and feel their hair can enjoy the Mohawk style without doing cornrows on the side. Mohawk braiding is trendy and pretty common among 21st-century brides. 

Tree Braids

Tree braids, also called invisible braids, are fixed such that you cannot see the braids. People only see the end of the extension installed into the braid. Tree braids are unique because they are easy to fix and style, as the hair ends are left out. 

Braids come in handy for most Kenyan ladies because you can do almost every hairstyle using them. Also, you can achieve the above and more awe-inspiring styles if you have a creative hairdresser; you only need the right materials and skills.