Pursuing a deejaying career in Kenya is ideal and very lucrative, but it’s not for everyone. Competition is quite stiff, not to mention the African culture, where most parents do not support such careers. Despite the challenges, several personalities have risen to become the top 10 DJs in Kenya, and they are doing very well. Below is a list of DJs thriving through this less-traveled path.

Dj Pinye

DJ Pinye is one of the pioneer deejays applauded for introducing Kenyan music on television. Pinye, whose real name is Peter Chauani, run a show for 14 years, and it propelled Kenyan music both locally and worldwide. The 50-year old deejay has maintained relevance to date despite the rising of other millennial personalities in the industry. 

Pierra Makena 

Pierra Makena is the top female deejay in Kenya, building her name in the once male-dominated industry. Her deejaying skills are pretty desirable, and her fame now cuts across East Africa and the world at large. Apart from deejaying, Pierra Makena is also an actress and a TV personality, appearing in both local and international films: she is a force to reckon.

Creme De La Creme

George Njuguna, commonly known as Crème De La Crème, is a celebrated deckman who started deejaying in 2003 while on campus before getting in the career full throttle in 2006. Surprisingly, George neither loved music before becoming a deejay nor did he love office work. He is doing great in life, although he envisions changing careers in the future.

Dj Kalonje

Dj Kalonje, whose real name is George Waweru, is famous for his street-locked mixes. You must have heard his name in most matatus because he started his deejaying career in 2006. Pinye has risen to fame over the years, where he is also a music producer and video director. The mix master prides international recognition and is often traversing the globe for business. 

Dj Joe Mfalme 

Dj Joe Mfalme is an award-winning Kenyan deckman who got attracted to deejaying when he was 13 years. The Capital’s Mix Master is based in Nairobi where he deejays in clubs, events, and all occasions requiring his service. If you have an event requiring a DJ, do not hesitate to reach out to him. 

Dj Sadic

Dj Sadic prides musical versatility that leaves many Kenyans awed. His mastery of the decks is unmatched, not to mention his desire to mentor upcoming artists. Marvin Ayuya Sande (his real name) was born in 1990, and you’ll be right to call him the gospel mix master. Recently he has made a lot of changes in his life, like chopping off his dreadlocks. 

Dj Adrian 

Adrian Washika is exceptionally experienced on the decks, having spent half of his life deejaying. The 50-year old Dj works at Capital FM and has traveled worldwide spreading the radio’s gospel. He also does African mixes online, where he satisfies most of his fans’ desires.

Dj Krowbar

Fredrick Ngatia, popularly known as Dj Krowbar, was born and raised in Nyeri. He would later join Homeboyz Radio to nurture his deejaying skills. Today, he is also an audio consultant and a mix engineer after pursuing audio engineering at the Sound and Engineering Institute of South Africa. 

Dj Matrix 254

Dj Matrix 254 is one of the best Kenyan deejays of today. He mixes pretty fast and with unmatched expertise. The next time you’re in a matatu or nganya that plays music, listen carefully; you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear it’s Dj Matrix in the mix. He has risen to fame and is serving Kenyan millennials the best of mixes. 

Dj Phyll

For the last seven years, Dj Phyll has proved to be a perfect fit for riddim and reggae mixes in the Kenyan industry. He is the Dj of the moment, mainly because of his regular, thrilling releases. Phyll has taken over the matatu industry, winning the position of the most played Dj in matatus in 2016. Phyll has been moving crowds with his creativity in spinning on the decks. 


Deejaying is a rewarding career but requires passion and creativity. Above are the ten best deejays in the Kenyan music industry. You can reach out to either of them when you have an event requiring their input, and you won’t regret it.