We can all agree when I say that Africa is finally rising—not that it wasn’t before. That’s evident in many aspects of today’s society. Sharon Wendo, a 29-year-old Kenyan female jewelry designer and entrepreneur, is making the continent proud in the fashion and business industries.

Sharon Wendo is the founder of Epica Jewellery, a jewelry design company. She is celebrating African cultures through fashion and design. Through Epica Jewellery, she’s been showing her design skills on the world stage with her iconic neckpieces, bracelets, body pieces, chokers, capes, earrings, beaded skirts and body jewelry. In 2018, Sharon got to design the national costume for Miss Universe Kenya for the same year.

Fast forward to 2021. Sharon presented a design collection at the London Fashion Week in February. That by itself is an achievement deserving mad appreciation. It was a first for East and Central Africa.

I had the pleasure of asking Sharon a few questions that anyone would want to ask after seeing her profile. The biggest one, how and when did all this start? Here’s what she had to say.

I started back in 2017 after completing a government project called Kenya Youth Empowerment project. Initially, I didn’t think I would go into the design career, but after getting a 9-5 job and not liking it, I knew I had to take the risk and go into jewelry design.

Sharon’s work has led to features on international publications like Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar Italia. At home, she’s featured on Vibeyetu, Nation Africa Magazine, FASHION SCOUT, BUSINESS DAILY, Nairobi Fashion Hub, and Khusoko.

Many people today are making the shift from 9-5 jobs to entrepreneurial ventures. We can mainly blame it on the hunger for financial freedom, and Africans are no exception. Thanks to technology development. Young people in Africa are on the verge of taking over today’s world. And Sharon Wendo is just one of the disruptive few.

Sharon Wendo is creating a lasting positive impact on the world from right here in Kenya. She aims to expand the Epica Jewellery brand on a global scale. I asked her what the long-term plan looks like, and she said to teach her skill, beading, to other young women in Kenya and beyond. She’s changing the world with African beading—a bead at a time.

So you’re launching your new earring designs. Tell me a little about that

My brand has a lot of big bold pieces and I wanted to make something minimal that women can wear everyday.

Sharon Wendo, Founder of Epica Jewellery.

What does it take to run a creative business?

Passion is the number one driving force mainly because when you start your business you will most probably not be making money and when you have the passion it’s hard to give up. 

Running a creative business takes a lot of hard work and consistency. You have to be able to have quality control for your business to thrive.

Sharon Wendo, Founder of Epica Jewellery.

You can catch Sharon on her Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and the Epica Jewellery site to make purchases or consultations.