Home is where your heart is. With the hustles and bustles of everyday life, your home is the one place we can be truly comfortable, relax and unwind. Having a clean, well-decorated and beautiful house is vital in giving a sense of happiness, pride and for your overall well-being.

There’s no place like home.

Décor refers to the furnishing and decoration of a room. It varies from furniture to paintings, wall and room stickers, lights, textiles, fabrics etc. The interior décor of your home matters as can influence your productivity.

Our homes say a lot about who we are and what we think is important in life. Investing in décor to make your home a happier place to be is like investing in yourself. Your environment affects your mood and how you go about each day. It creates a safe haven where you can be your very best thus improve your mental health.

“A room should feel collected, not decorated.”

Albert Hadley, late American interior designer and decorator.

It is important to know how to properly balance the decorations on your walls and living space to avoid the house being too busy or uninspiring. If you are struggling to decorate your house or are looking for some advice to better your home décor, then these 10 tips are for you. (Bonus tips in the conclusion as well)

1. Pick a theme style

Having a theme style for your home shows neatness, balance and gives a nice visual appeal.

A house is not a home. What differentiates a house and a home is the life one breathes to the house, making it authentic and a safe haven. Having a theme style for your home is crucial to the kind of decorations you choose for it. Whether it is a traditional, modern, contemporary or eclectic house decorating style, having an organized mixture of different yet somewhat similar elements in a living area gives a neat and sophisticated look.
Choosing specific colors, patterns and designs also helps in selecting the most suiting décor.

2.Add a large-scale art to your living room

Having a large art or decorative piece adds visual appeal and interest

Placing a huge painting, sculpture or mirror creates attention and sets the tone to your living space. You should strategically hang/place the grand piece at a position that captures the eyes and is captivating to look at. E.g. by the fireplace, above the sofas

3. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall adds personality, color and life.

Nothing adds personality and colour to your home than a gallery wall. Simple, cohesive frames or an array of ornate variations gives appealing patterns. You should mix the sizes of the frames, with mediums and small frames to give symmetry and balance to your wall. Matchy-matchy sizes dull the wall and make it look dis-organized.

4.Style decorative objects in odd-numbered groups (The Rule of Three)

Embrace the odd in you! The rule of three is a design principle that says; things arranged in odd numbers are more memorable, appealing and more effective than even-numbered groupings.

According to interior designors, 3 is more appealing than 2. It engages the eyes while creating a balance to your wall.

Having three, nine or odd-numbered frame pieces on your wall creates more symmetry, a pattern and a composition to your wall. It is more engaging to the eye while giving the wall a touch of balance.

5.Hang art pieces at the eye level

Hanging decorative pieces too high or low can be frustrating to the eyes.

To enhance visual appeal of your art pieces, you should place them right where one can see them. Placing art and other decorative objects where one is naturally drawn to makes the wall pop and more interesting to look at rather than having them at a very high or low from the ground. Your pieces should hang approximately 57 inches from the ground.

6. Hang up mirrors

Play with different mirror shapes and designs to make the wall pop.

Just as the late American architect Louis Kahn said, a room is not a room without natural light. Windows brightens and lights the room. Hanging mirrors on your wall therefore reflects light, making a small space feel bigger and brighter. Play with different shapes, sizes and designs of the mirrors to add more sophistication.

7. Incorporate an accent wall

Try a bright and bold paint color to create an accent wall. You could also use a wallpaper to make the wall interesting. This makes the room more rich yet polished and homely. You can set the mood for your room by trying a bold pattern or a solid color.

Be daring. Do something unexpected to your walls.

9.Place furniture two inches from your wall

Your furniture should never cramp your doorways or corridors. Leave the backs of your furniture at least one or two inches from your wall. This saves your wall damage and marks while protecting the furniture.

Preserve your wall by having them atleast two inches from the wall.

9.Only buy what you love

Invest in what makes you happy. Do not be solely carried away by the trends or most expensive decorating items. Buy what makes your eyes light up and adds warmth and comfort to your home. It is your safe haven after-all, right?

10. Keep it simple

When designing, less is more.

Less is more. In an effort to think outside the box, decorating too much gives off a congested, crampy feel. When in doubt, under decorate the area. If you are not certain whether 3D wallpaper or sticker will look great on the wall, avoid it. It’s better to have less décor than too much.
Displaying black, white and neutral colors a neat, sophisticated touch while maintaining a gray scale theme.

In conclusion, home décor spruces up your home and adds sophistication. Contrast different styles to add visual interest. Doing something interesting and unexpected should be done professionally and carefully to avoid mistakes. Ensure there is good lighting by having unique lighting designs or LED lights. So invest in your comfort today, buy home décor.

Lighting sets the mood for your home. Try LED lights.