As the saying goes, all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Often at times, we get buried in workload and business that we forget to celebrate our achievements and important dates in our personal and general calendars.

Depending on the occasion, throwing a party gives us time to take the much-needed break to relax.

Celebrations are important for the overall good functioning of our bodies. They also give us time to appreciate the gift of one another and enjoy life. Now for every event, party or occasion to be successful, it requires adequate planning and budget. Usually, we mainly focus on food and venue.

However, planning for any party should not be complete without decorations. Decorations add glamour, pomp and merry to any party or occasion. They help create the mood and atmosphere for any event or party.

There are decorations of various types and depending on your taste or preferences, you can choose to decorate with flowers, balloons and props such as banners, party boxes, fringe curtains, party lights etc.

Decorating a venue for the celebration may necessitate the need for party planners. However if it’s too pricey for you and would like to Do- It-Yourself, here is how to easily do in 3 simple and efficient steps:

Step 1: Plan the decorations

It is vital to know who the party is for. Is it for children? Is it for adults or the elderly? Having this information will help you in choosing the most suitable theme, colors and decorations. If the party is for children; bright, fun colours and patterns are best. Subtle, less shouting colours and patterns are the best options when organizing a party for grown adults.

You should also be aware what the occasion is. Knowing whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, anniversary or a national celebration will help you decide what colors and appropriate banners to use. Occasions like gender reveal parties require you to know what colors to pick. Usually pink is associated with girls and blue, boys. Neutral colors include brown, yellow and purple. White is a primary colour and may be used in all events.

During the planning phase, it is also wise to choose a theme. Themes vary from general themes and one’s personal interests and likes. Note if the celebrant likes a specific cartoon character or colour to help you know what decorations to pick. You can use upcoming holidays or seasons for inspiration in coming up with a theme.

On the contrary, you can plan a themed-party and have people dressed in a certain way to match the decorations.

Step 2: Choose the decorations

Ensure you know and have a proper budget for the decorations. Try as much as possible to stick to your budget to avoid other financial inconveniences. In cases where the decorations are too expensive, improvise with DIYs (Do It Yourself) with the help of YouTube tutorials.

You should also keep in mind the location and venue in order to have enough decorations. Having too little or too much gives off an ‘un-preparedness look’ and may affect the general mood of your guests.

Be keen in duration, that is, when does the party start and when does it end. This is gives you ample time to do the party set up. For instance, if you want to use balloons and arch strips to make a balloon garland for your party, start early. This is because setting up balloon garlands takes a longer time and effort.

Also consider how much you are willing to clean up afterwards. Even good things come to an end. When choosing your decorations, be careful not to bite more than you can chew e.g. using party poppers leaves a lot of messy confetti that can be hard to clean up. Fringe curtains and lights on the other hand are easy to remove after setting up.

Step 3: Using decorations

Use solid-coloured table cloths to cover the tables. If it’s a children’s party, patterned or dotted table cloths are most appropriate. Have a centerpiece on the table. It doesn’t necessarily have to be flowers. It could be the cake, or a unique décor that represents the party e.g. a sculptured pumpkin if it’s Halloween.

Hang banners, fringe curtains and pennants on your doorways or windows. This way they are visible and welcoming in the guests’ eyes.

Fill up and hang the balloons with air or helium matching the color and theme of the party. Ensure you focus on the corners and tables as well.

Don’t forget the small things such as plates, cups, forks, glasses and napkins matching the selected color scheme or theme.

Make use of ceilings, fireplaces and other striking places in your house/the venue. Adding decorations in that center place is visually appealing and adds the mood for the part.

Throw a party!

Parties are great for socializing and entertaining ourselves. When planning to throw a party, ensure you know your guests and the number if necessary. Clean where you will host the party first and ensure you store your valuables carefully if you are hosting at home.

Don’t forget other party necessities as well such as food, drinks, music and engaging fun games!